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Instructions for DIY Gutter Repair Olympia Projects

Before you dive into the task of repairing your own gutter you should do some research about the parts you will need for the job. Some of the basic required items may include a ladder, star drill, either a soldering iron or gun, hammer, screws, chalk line, and masonry fastener.

Basic Preparation
Other than that, for your gutter repair Olympia DIY project you will need nails of various sizes, hand cleaner, screwdriver, level, marking pencil, and also masonry drill. Once these materials are bought and prepared, lay out the pieces of gutter as well as the fitting near the area that you are going to install the gutter – it would be much better if you could place it directly beneath the area. Using the level, get the right slope for each part of the gutter; then use a slope of 1” for every 16” of the gutter to provide good drainage. After that, you should mark the nailing position of the slope on the fascia of the house before you properly attach it – this is done for better accuracy.

Begin the Installation
The installation portion of your DIY gutter repair Olympia project should begin with attaching the gutter at the end or even at the corner of the house. Seal the end of the cape into place before proper hanging, if sealing is required. If you are starting from a corner, then attach the inside (or the outside) miter to the first part of the gutter before you start hanging it for real.

Attach the Gutter
The gutter can be attached to the fascia by using spikes and ferrules, fascia brackets, and strap hangers. Locate some strap hangers directly over the roof rafters whenever possible for a stronger support. Always insert the strap hanger directly under the material of the roofing, and attach it to the roofing deck. After you are done with installing the first part of the gutter, continue by assembling the parts with connectors at the joints and the inside (or outside) whenever necessary.

It’s a Tough Job
Getting the job done by yourself can be really tough, especially if you have no prior experience in such an area. Not only will you be delaying the installation of the gutters, but you will also risk your personal safety in your attempts. An alternative to getting the job done by yourself is to shop around your area for professional gutter repair Olympia contractors that deal specially with residential gutters.

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