Going To The Veterinarian in Hartford County CT Can Be Easier

Many dogs aren’t particularly thrilled about making a visit to the vet. When they have been there often enough to recognize the building, they may even try to resist leaving the car or passing through the doors to get into the clinic. It does not have to be this way, though. With a little bit of time, effort, and love, you can make the experience of getting medical care a lot easier on your pet and a lot less stressful for you and the people who are providing the treatment.

It is easiest to start out before your pet has learned to be afraid. If you get your dog as a very young puppy, this is ideal. They learn how to deal with new experiences in their first three to four months of life, and have a more difficult time adjusting to new things after that. Still, at any age it is helpful to introduce your dog to friendly new people who can scratch behind his ears and offer him a treat. Building up the expectation that a new and unknown person is probably going to be friendly and a source of wonderful snacks helps to ensure that new encounters start off on the right foot.

You can also help your dog by teaching him how to be all right with being handled in the ways that the veterinarian Hartford County CT will need to as part of an examination. For example, you should peek inside his ears and try touching and lifting each of his paws in turn. You can also touch around his tail. Once a pet is generally used to being handled, it is also a good idea to get him used to the idea of having his lip pulled up slightly so that you can get a look at his teeth and gums. All of these sorts of handling can be rewarded by treats, so that you teach your dog that it is a sign that something good is coming for him.

Preparing your dog for the experience of going to The Windsor Animal Clinic Hartford County CT will help him to go through his annual examinations without a fuss. Depending on what a dog is taught, he can end up either needing to be muzzled to be safely examined or going through his appointment with his tail wagging. You can put your dog on the happier path.

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