Go the Extra Mile and Smile – All About the Dental Implants Loop

If you’re unable to smile because you have a dental problem, help is available. There are treatments for tooth decay, gum disease, and other problems that can give you a reason not to smile.

In Chicago and beyond, most dentists can complete a basic treatment in a matter of hours. However, the journey is never over after a treatment is done, as there will be follow-up appointments. These appointments are vital because they will ensure that everything is on track.

All is Not Lost

If you have a missing tooth, this isn’t the end. You can get dental implants in Loop. It will allow you to smile again. Pull up a seat and learn all the reasons why a dental implant equals a win.

The Appliance Functions Like a Natural Tooth

There is more to a dental implant than meets the eye. Basically, it’s an anchor for a replacement tooth. The procedure has multiple steps. First, a dentist will lodge the implant in a patient’s mouth underneath the gumline. This is done to allow the implant to serve as a replacement for the tooth root.

From there, a replacement tooth is connected to the implant. The new tooth will look just like the surrounding tooth because the dentist will refer to a color chart. There are many shades to choose from on this chart, so it’s fairly easy to create a custom tooth that closely resembles the remaining teeth in a patient’s mouth.

The Way to Go for Dental Implants in Chicago

If you’re looking for a respectable place to get dental implants in Loop, turn to Windy City Family Dental.

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