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Giving You The Local Touch: Mechanics Cooperative Bank

Whether for your personal finances or a business institution, there will come a point in time where a bank will be needed. From simply being a place to safely store your funds to helping you save for the future, working with the right bank is key. Beyond services they offer, the commitment to community is just another factor when considering Mechanics Cooperative Bank.

Personal banking takes on a whole new meaning when the bank is truly local. By knowing the area, your financial partner can take added steps to ensure the very best service possible. Taking the added step to work with a local bank gives a bit of an edge when working with larger life changes, such as a home loan or refinancing an existing one. Those who know the area and its economy best are able to plan for its future as well. By dedicating themselves to giving back to the community, Mechanics Cooperative Bank has taken a step ahead of those big-box banks to truly serve those who call the area home.

Not to be left out, Mechanics Cooperative Bank also offers a wide range of business banking features as well. Many small businesses easily find themselves overwhelmed with the banking options on the market today; working with a truly local institution gives a personalized touch to any assistance they may need. Financial planning for a business, no matter its size, takes a different approach. By working with the SBA (Small Business Administration), Mechanics Cooperative is able to work hand-in-hand with your business to find alternatives to traditional financing. From mortgage rates geared exclusively to the cost of commercial properties to revolving lines of credit for seasonal businesses, Mechanics Cooperative Bank has everything covered.

For well over 100 years, Mechanics Cooperative strives to not only offer the best banking features for the residents of the area but to provide for them as well. By offering scholarships for local students and donating 10% of their annual profits to local non-profit organizations, Mechanics Cooperative Bank provides far more to the residents it serves. Giving back to the community that relies on them, another way Mechanics is truly ‘keeping it local’!


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