Getting the Best from Used Copiers in Miami

Whether a business is new or one that has been operating for decades, when the day comes to get a copier or replace a copier, an option that should be considered is used copiers in Miami. The used copier may have only been used for a short period of time by a business that folded or by a business that purchased a bigger, newer one. In either case, it is used, but it will still have years of service in it. Whatever company you decide to get the used copier from, you need to make sure they have serviced it completely and refurbished the unit entirely.

Considering “All-In-Ones”

This type of copier may seem useful and convenient, but for a company that uses a copier for printing, scanning and faxing, it is not price effective nor is it problem free. Therefore, it is important to do some research on the style of equipment that is best for the type of company or business you will be using it for. The all-in-one machines originally were sold for home use where the usage is low so one machine can handle it all. For a company that wants to invest in used copiers in Miami, a straight copier will be the best function-wise and price-wise.

Double Check

There may be a bit more risk when purchasing a used copier, but the money saved will compensate for that risk to a degree. Because of the risk involved, it is more important to do your research. One thing to check is the numbers. Professional copiers have built-in counters for tracking the usage per department or for the usage overall. Ask to check the numbers yourself to stack it against the age of the copier. That may tell you how much use you have left on the used copiers in Miami.

Refurbished vs. Cleaning

If the office equipment dealer tells you the unit is used, ask if it needed to be repaired, if it was merely cleaned or if it was refurbished. Refurbished used copiers in Miami mean that besides a thorough cleaning, there have been parts replaced that were worn and fully inspected for any other malfunctions in the foreseeable future.

If the used copier has truly been refurbished, the office equipment dealer will more than likely offer a limited warranty of some kind. Ask specifically what the warranty covers and make sure it is documented in the sales papers.

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