Getting Help from an Accident Attorney in Annapolis

When you’ve been involved in an automobile accident, the first few minutes after it occurs can be chaotic and confusing, and you may be unsure of exactly what happened. If it turns out that the accident was your fault, or if the other party or parties involved decide to sue you, your first move needs to be to pick up the phone and call a qualified accident attorney Annapolis MD based to help you fight the case and avoid undue consequences that you don’t deserve. It can be hard enough in the aftermath of an accident to determine if you and other people are physically okay, much less assign blame to one person or another, but many people overreact and try to find some way to lay the blame on others unfairly.

Most insurance companies advise their policy holders that if they are involved in an auto accident to avoid making any statement that could be considered as an admission of guilt or responsibility, and while some drivers feel that this is unsporting or unkind, it’s actually the safest thing to do. Automatically saying that the accident was your fault prior to the police determining the exact sequence of events means that you are leaving yourself open to future lawsuits by other involved parties who want to hold you responsible, even if you were not at fault. This can lead to a long and complicated court process that can end up costing you and your insurance company thousands of dollars in legal fees and time in court as the case makes its way through the system. Rather than finding yourself in the middle of this situation, always remember that if you find yourself in a car accident, do not admit guilt or take responsibility until the police have arrived on the scene and taken statements from everyone. In some cases, you may think that you were at fault only to be proved innocent by the police’s efforts.


Getting in an auto accident is quickly becoming one of the most common vehicle incidents reported today, so the lifetime odds of you being involved in one are significantly higher than just ten years ago. Prepare the worst by hiring an experienced Accident Attorney Annapolis to provide the legal assistance and coverage that you need, and you’ll be able to walk away confidently with the result you want. Click here for more information.

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