Getting Assistance With Obamacare Health Insurance in Macon, Georgia

by | May 28, 2015 | Insurance

The new laws requiring all Americans to be covered by some type of health insurance coverage has led a lot of people to become frustrated and confused as they search for a policy they can afford. For many people, including those who are young and healthy as well as the many who are self-employed, health insurance is an unknown entity, capable of confusing them with terms like “allowed charge” and “formulary” as well as expecting you to understand the difference between primary care, preventative care and urgent care.

When you begin the search for Obamacare Health Insurance in Macon GA, you can remain confused and hope you find what you need, or you can find a qualified agency to help you pick the best policy for you. This is especially important if you are an employer who needs to meet the requirements listed under the Affordable Care Act.

All employers who have 50 or more full-time employees are required to provide insurance to their employees. If this insurance is not offered to the employees and their dependents, the employer will face a fee. However, the rules, exceptions and explanations do not end there. With Obamacare Health Insurance in Macon GA, there are also potential tax credits and specific guidelines as to how an employer becomes eligible for them.

There are also explanations regarding what constitutes a full time employee and what defines insurance as being affordable. The fees for non-compliance are figured on a certain percentage and calculated each month. Are you confused? If so, you are not alone. Many other employers are as well, and that is why they have been looking for advice and guidance from insurance experts like those at Stone Insurance Agency Inc Macon GA.

With their expert help, it becomes easy for employers to find the insurance that is best for their employees and their own families. They will help you to be certain you do not face any fees and will look for the most affordable and reliable coverage possible for you. Rather than trying to puzzle it out on the marketplace on your own, get the advice you need from those you know you can trust.
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