Get Your Curtain Cleaning In DC

Drapes are a beautiful accessory to add to any home. They cover the windows and add to the look of the room, often giving it a pop of color. Many people add drapes or curtains to their houses not only to make the rooms look nicer, but also to keep out light or let light light in. Although drapes are a nice touch to any home, they are often hard to clean. One can not simply throw them in the wash. They instead need a good cleaning done by a professional. Residents can find many Curtain Cleaning DC shops to do the job for them.

Why Have Curtains Cleaned?

curtain cleaning DC shops will have your curtains dry cleaned. Curtains absorb smells that are in the home. This is particularly true if there are pets or the residents smoke inside the house. Since the smells can be absorbed, the drapes should be taken in to get cleaned often. This will help keep them smelling fresh and not smelling of smoke or pet fur. Since they are near the window and can get wet, this is cause for mildew to grow on the curtains as well. The mildew smell is quite unpleasant. It is also dangerous to those breathing it in. This is why curtains need to be properly cleaned straight away to avoid irritation to anyone living in the home.

How to Avoid Fading

Curtains often fade due to sunlight. This is particularly true for darker shades that attract light. To avoid fading, be sure that there are shades over the window as well. The curtain should not be directly on the window. It should instead be in front of the blinds. This will keep fading to a minimum and help keep sunlight out as well. Drapery Cleaners DC residents find can help fix fading if it has already occurred. They will clean the drapes and bring the color back. The curtains will then look good as new.

curtain cleaning in DC residents have done will make their curtains look good and smell fresh. Anyone who needs their curtains cleaned should bring them in to a professional. ALG Drapery Cleaning will be able to properly clean the drapes and maintain their look. Drapes and curtains are a wonderful accessory that every home should have. Take them in to be cleaned often, and you will keep your house looking and smelling great.

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