Get the Proper Security with an HD SDI DVR

If you have a security camera or cameras set up in your home or office but you can only view them via live feed, it is almost impossible to get the information you need. If you use an HD SDI DVR along with your security camera, you can hook it up through your computer to be able to see the DVR footage remotely. This is highly sought after technology that is beneficial to homeowners and company owners that are away from their home or place of business often and need to keep an eye on the premises. By storing your data this way, you preserve it much better than in days past when video tapes were the only way to record video footage.

The HD SDI DVR system can help you get the exact angle you need in your home or office to catch the footage you require. If you need to zoom in, turn the camera from one side to another or set a motion detector. You can do all of this with the DVR. This is perfect for those that do not need constant surveillance of their home or office and only require it during certain hours of the day or only when there is motion in the house. If you go on vacation a lot and do not have anyone watching your house, you can set your DVR to only start if and when there is motion in your house, thus saving power and recording capacity on your DVR.

A major benefit of the HD SDI DVR is the high quality footage that it provides. In years past when the only footage available was from video tapes, the quality was very poor, making it difficult to get any detail out of the footage. With your high definition DVR you will be able to see every small detail and even pause, rewind and fast forward to get to the exact point you need to be. With the DVR, the data is stored by date, making it easy to navigate to the exact date and time you need to review in order to get the information you need.

Because digital media is so readily available today, anyone, whether home or business, can have an HD SDI DVR with their security camera. It is the best way to have added security in your home or office, allowing you the capability of being able to see exactly what you need to see, even if it occurred two days ago. There is no need for time consuming rewinding and searching for the exact data you need. You can search by date and pull out what you need right away, increasing the security on your home or office.

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