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Get The Cataract Treatment You Need From A Reliable Murfreesboro Vision Center

Out of all of the senses we possess, vision is perhaps the most used means of gathering information. It is true that hearing is important for locating the sources of sounds but vision will quickly tell us what actually made those sounds. It is also true that feeling and item can give us some idea of what that item is or what function it may perform but vision will tell us exactly what it looks like which can help us identify it much faster. Perhaps the key in all of this is speed. Sometimes the speed of identifying something is critical. For example, a sharp object such as a knife could be extremely dangerous if the person handling it does not realize it is a knife before they cut themselves. This is why so many people in the medical field believe that proper eye care and exams from qualified offices such as McCabe Vision Center is very important.

One of the primary concerns for many people, especially the current generation of aging baby boomers is Cataract Murfreesboro. A cataract is the clouding or fogging of the eye’s lens which commonly leads to a loss of vision. The clouding obstructs the light from entering the eye which stops the retina from focusing on an object. Cataracts are most commonly due to aging but there are other causes. Some medicines have been known to cause cataracts as well as certain diseases. Cataracts typically cause problems distinguishing color variations and they are a common issue with many senior citizens and their quality of life.

Other possible causes of cataracts include trauma from an accident or injury. Radiation, specifically UV-B radiation has been known to cause cataracts. While most UV radiation is filtered out by the sun, certain occupations such as airplane pilots could be exposed to excess UV radiation due to thinner atmosphere. Genetics is another cause of cataracts including the disease Rubella Syndrome with which infants are born with bilateral cataracts. Also, cigarette smoking has been linked with an increase in cataracts of at least twofold.

Cataract Murfreesboro is treatable. Cataracts can be surgically removed and modern lens replacements make restoring vision quite easy. Of course the exact amount of that restoration may vary and requires a qualified ophthalmologist to present you with all the details.

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