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Get the Best Results with the Right Web Based Project Management Software

Why is your staff walking around with papers in their hands? There is no reason for your customer service team to be taking incoming calls and then walking them over to the warehouse. This is not a good way to manage the staff, time and save money. In fact, handwritten notes can be misread or confusing in general. Further, they are easy to get lost or lose track of. You need to invest in a better way of doing business. The best way is to use the Web Based Project Management Software.

The right project management software is important. Purchase the one that will show everything in real time. When your customer service receives a call, it will be noted on a ticket. The ticket will detail what needs to be done. For example, a customer wants to order three of your products and have them shipped overnight for a gift. The warehouse will see the order and do it. Thus, the customer service agent is not writing up a ticket and taking it to the warehouse. Money is being saved, and the order will be filled quickly. It will not land at the bottom of the list of things to do in the warehouse. This because the ticket will detail it must be shipped quickly.

After the product has been packaged, you will know it. A ticket will be placed in the system detailing when the product was shipped. Thus, if the customer calls back about her order, the customer service agent can confidently say it was shipped. Thus, you will also be encouraging more business for listening to customers and responding in a timely manner. Now, if you did not have this system. The agent would have to put the customer on hold and then ask the warehouse what the status was. Let’s hope that they did not lose the ticket. However, is that a risk you want to take? Of course, you do not want to take that risk.

It is time to think like a top-level executive. You can make your customers happy and do a better job by making the right investment today. It is time to make a change that works. Purchase Web Based Project Management Software From Web T Cards Ltd.

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