Functionality Features of an Ideal Food Metal Detector

Investing in a food metal detector is no longer optional for many of today’s largest packaging and production firms. Rather, it has become one of the most important steps in the process. To ensure your production line moves well, you may wish to choose a metal detector along with a check weigher for your own peace of mind, product quality control, and overall cost control. Before choosing one, consider the features that have become necessary in today’s food packaging industry.

Don’t Let a Mistake Cause Costly Problems Later

When choosing a food metal detector for your operation, consider its overall functionality first. It needs to be within all compliance and regulations established by the Department of Agriculture Weights and Measures as well as any other audits that may apply to your organization. It should make it clear that a problem occurs, such as with a flashing light alarm as well as a sounding alarm. You also need the system to stop if there is the detection of metal automatically. In some cases, depending on the setup, you may need it to reject a container where metal is found automatically.

Some of the best machines can properly function without slowing down your production line. This may include very high accuracy as well. Depending on the type of product you are packaging, you may be able to choose from various speeds and functions of the food metal detector.

Look for updates to your food metal detector, too. For example, a battery backup may be a failsafe that you cannot avoid including. You may also want to invest in a system that is easy to program and use, depending on the needs of your operation. Don’t limit your company’s success. Invest in a product that will work reliably for years to come.

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