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Fun Facts Businesspeople Need to Know About Tax Accounting Professionals

Accountants are financial services professionals that, in contrast with common belief, do not regularly use math in their lines of work. Rather, they might apply their expert opinions to help a company’s decision-makers squeeze through tough, sticky situations. One thing that accountants also do is file tax returns to their clients’ relevant government tax agencies; in our case, it’s the Internal Revenue Service here in the United States. There are actually accountants who specialize in taxes specifically.

How Long Do Accountants Go to School?

To be an accountant in the United States, you don’t have to possess any certification, such as that of the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) distinction. However, in every state – states are responsible for giving out CPA licenses – they are required to gather up at least 150 credit hours’ worth of college experience, if not go to graduate school on top of their existing undergraduate degrees.

Why Specialize in Tax if It’s Not a Year-Round Field?

When it comes to personal income taxes, the United States’ busy season lasts from January to April. Why would someone specialize in doing taxes when busy season is just one-third of each year? Many people who work as a tax accountant in Tulsa, OK, serve the interests of businesses as well, which often need to file taxes four or more times a year. Even if these entities only have to file once each year, they are often kept busy with tax-related work all year long by businesses.

Humans Will Remain in Tax Accounting for Some Time

Most workforce spots filled with a tax accountant in Tulsa, OK, will not be filled in by robots in the next decade or two. Understanding tax laws, current tax-related legal precedents, and the different goals of different businesses make way for human tax accountants running the field for the foreseeable future.

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