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Getting a mortgage in Madison, CT used to be pretty simple. Like in the rest of the country, mortgage brokers and banks were excited to give out a mortgage, even if they didn’t know anything about the financial status of their customers. The result of that carelessness is still effecting the property market today. And getting a mortgage is now a bit more of a challenge. In Madison, CT, you can get a mortgage from one of the big banks, or you can opt for a friendly local bank which may be more sympathetic to your unique situation.

Is Bigger Better?

The main problem with a really big bank is the lack of personal service. At first, you’ll talk to a Madison, CT mortgage broker who seems to really understand your situation. They will take the time to tell you about the different products available, and they’ll listen carefully to your financial details. But this friendliness is usually only available on the sales end of things. Once you actually sign the papers, you’ll start working with folks who may not be in Madison, or in CT at all!

That means that when you have a question or problem, you’ll have to call a faceless call center where the employees are not going to know anything about you. This may seem okay in certain businesses, but with a mortgage it makes a bit difference if you can sit down across from your mortgage broker even years after you sign those papers.

At a small, local Madison, CT mortgage broker or bank, you’ll find that you’ll always receive a friendly welcome. When you have questions or if you want to refinance down the line, you’ll get an honest and straightforward assessment of your situation. Your local banker will actually care about whether or not your mortgage is really good for you from a financial standpoint, which is not something you can say about a random person in a phone bank.

Testing the Waters

Another nice advantage of a local Madison, CT mortgage broker is that you can start down the road today. It may turn out that you’re not quite as prepared for a mortgage as you thought, but with a local bank you can simply go in and ask someone. You’ll start working with a mortgage expert who can tell you about the kind of downpayment you’ll need, what your financial history says about you, and can offer advice for how to qualify for the mortgage you really want.

For personal service and responsible mortgage products, visit the friendly mortgage brokers at Essex Savings Bank in Madison, CT. They’ll help you to find the mortgage product that best suits you.


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