Filing is Easier Through the Disability Lawyers in Missouri

Many disabilities keep people from being able to work and earn a living, making life difficult. Every American has the right to file for disability compensations when they become fully disabled and can no longer work. Although this is a right all Americans hold, many people are wrongfully denied when they try to file for benefits. This is why many people get help from disability lawyers in Missouri.

The filing process can be confusing for many. While the process is not overly complicated, making sure the right forms are filed can be stressful. If the right forms are not filed, an automatic denial will be issued. Hiring disability lawyers in Missouri can help to ensure all forms are filled out and filed correctly so there are fewer delays in the process.

There are several criteria that will determine whether a person is approved:

  • It must be determined the person’s condition is severe.
  • The condition must match a recognized condition in the SS listing.
  • The person must be unable to do their current or past type of job.
  • The person must be unable to perform any type of job-based on their age, skills, education, and limitations.

Since people are often denied for unfair reasons, the system allows for appeals to be processed. An appeal is heard in a hearing through a judge. The judge allows medical records to be brought in and medical professionals to testify to the extent of disability.

In many cases, approval is given after an appeal hearing. It will be up to the judge to make the decision on whether or not a person will be granted their benefits.

Those filing for disability do not have to go through it alone. For more information, visit the Grundy Disability Group. They help disabled people get the assistance they need in filing for their benefits and going through the process. Call the office today for an appointment. Disabled individuals will not be required to pay any fees unless they receive approval for their benefits.

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