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File A Lawsuit With A Medical Malpractice Attorney in Lawrence County

Medical malpractice is not easy to prove. Initially, one has to prove a valid doctor-patient relationship. For instance, one cannot sue a doctor they asked for advice at a cocktail party. The doctor-patient relationship is established by medical documentation. Indeed, one must have been a patient on a regular basis. Next, there must be evidence the doctor was negligent. Disliking a diagnosis is not the basis of a malpractice lawsuit. The doctor’s level of care must be established. Most states require the claimant to present an affidavit from a medical expert stating whether or not the standard of care was met.

It makes sense to hire a Medical Malpractice Attorney in Lawrence County. Greene & Schultz are experienced attorneys and know how to investigate claims. Visit their website and click where it says, read full info here. The third part of a claim is whether the doctor’s negligence caused an injury. For example, a sick patient has surgery and the doctor leaves a sponge in their stomach. Tissue grows around the sponge, forming a tumor. In this instance, the doctor’s negligence caused the injury. Finally, the attorney must prove the negligence caused damages. An example of damages would be the patient having another surgery to correct the doctor’s mistake. Claimant’s are also entitled to damages for lost wages and permanency.

The Medical Malpractice Attorney in Lawrence County explains that some forms of medical malpractice are more common than others. Examples include a doctor’s failure to diagnose a condition that a competent doctor would have. Further, a claim exists if a patient is treated differently than a competent doctor would have. In addition, doctors have a duty to warn patients of risks of a treatment or medication. The doctor may be guilty of malpractice by failing to warn the patient and an injury occurs. Most states have special rules for malpractice cases. They must be filed between six months to two years after the injury. However, in some states the time does not start counting until someone finds the patient’s injury. If you are a possible victim of malpractice, consult an attorney right away.

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