Excuses For Not seeing A Dentist Barrington

While there are a lot of excuses for not going to the dentist, none of them are particular good excuses, at least when they are put under the microscope. You may think that you are saving money by not going to a dentist, or stopping yourself from suffering serious pain, but the fact is there is no excuse that should stop you from going to the dentist at least twice a year for a simple check-up and cleaning. Here are four common excuses that people use when avoiding the Dentist Barrington, and the reasons why they simply do not stand up:

1. “I Don’t Have The Money To See A Dentist”

Those who don’t see a dentist regularly seem to think that it cost’s thousands of dollars to see them. The truth is, the average dentist charges between $50-$100 for a regular cleaning and check-up, meaning that, if you go as planned, you should only pay $100-$200 a year. The big expenses come from not going, when cavities and other problems arise.

2. “I Don’t Have The Time”

The average trip to the dentist takes roughly one hour. If you don’t have two hours a year to put aside to go to the dentist, you might be the busiest person in the entire world. Heck, the President goes to the dentist twice a year and he run’s the free world.

3. “I Brush And Floss Regularly, Anyway”

While it is good to brush and floss regularly, it does not mean that you automatically don’t need to see a dentist. There are issues that can occur even if you brush regularly, which means a trip to a Deptford Family Dental office regularly is a good thing. In addition, just because you think you are brushing correctly doesn’t always mean that you are.

4. “I Don’t Like Pain”

Good news: a trip to the dentist is not painful. Sure, you may not enjoy sitting in the dentist’s chair while they scrape plaque off your teeth, but pain is not part of the equation. Even if you need work done, the mouth is numbed so you don’t feel anything.


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