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Elder Law Lawyers Bucks County – How Can They Help?

Elder law encompasses several legal areas and is a growing area of law mostly due to baby boomers coming of age. Almost any situation that affects a person considered a senior citizen falls in the elder law category. Elder Law Lawyers Bucks County representatives are willing and able to help you or your loved one in any case involving things like Medicare, estate planning, Medicaid, wills, fraud, retirement planning, Social Security, dementia and Alzheimer’s, disability and other areas of elder law practice.

Abuse is a common problem in elder law cases. This can cover various types of abuse like physical abuse, sexual abuse, mental abuse, neglect or abandonment, and financial abuse. It can include caregivers that are family, hired to help at home, or those who work in nursing homes. It’s a sad and sickening issue, but it happens and when it does you need a good lawyer to fight for you or your loved one. Financial abuse can be prevented by appointing a trusted person as a financial agent and signing over power of attorney to them.

Guardianship is another area that where lawyers can help you with an elderly loved one. This is only an issue if your loved one can no longer care for him or herself. In this case, someone needs to step up and take over to protect their interests as they can no longer do it for themselves. It’s a tough decision and takes quite a bit of paperwork, but it’s well worth it when it comes to caring for a loved one. Legal guardians make all decisions for the elderly party and should be taken seriously. Elder Law Lawyers Bucks County can help with establishing guardianship and the things that go with it.

If you really want to help a loved one that is entering that time in their life when they need more protection and care, consider talking to them about planning their long-term care, finances, and medical decision making before they are unable to care for themselves. Consulting with an attorney can help your loved one make the tough decisions that will protect them in the long run.

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