Do You Need a Birth Injury Attorney in Wichita?

Birth defects are issues that happen to a fetus as it develops in the womb. They are often caused by genetic factors, or environmental issues, drugs, or alcohol. Birth injuries occur during the actual labor and delivery of a child. Even with today’s medical technology, birth injuries can happen to even the healthiest of babies. The injuries can be small issues, such as bruising. However, given the wrong circumstances and complications, severe brain trauma can be incurred by an infant.

Birth injuries may give off signs that are not obvious, such as leaning the neck to one side, or favoring one side over another. New parents need to observe newborns and take note of anything that seems out of the ordinary. The rate of birth injuries in the United States are relatively low-approximately five to seven occurring per 1,000 births. Stillbirths can also be the result of negligence; for instance, in cases where the child’s umbilical cord wraps around the neck, causing them to choke to death.

Doctors often encourage a cesarean section birth, or induced labor if they believe the fetus may experience undo stress. This is to protect the life of the mother and child. Plus, it takes the pressure off of the medical staff due to the chances of a birth injury occurring being reduced. Close monitoring of vital signs for both baby and mother also help medical staff to remain vigilant.

Once of the most common injuries is cerebral palsy, which occurs in two to three of 1,000 births. This condition results most often from a lack of oxygen before, during, or after birth. It is preventable in most cases, and doctors can do so by limiting the stress on the baby and by reducing labor complications. Sometimes the complications do not manifest until the child develops into a toddler and has difficulty in walking, talking, and other developmental milestones.

A Birth Injury Wichita lawyer may be needed to assist in making a case in situations where a parent feels a child has been the victim of medical negligence. There are statutes of limitations in place, so it is important to seek counsel as soon as practical. A child with a severe birth injury often needs expensive medical care, schooling, and additional caregivers. Compensation from winning a lawsuit for negligence could be the answer to assist in giving the child the best life possible given the circumstances.

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