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Digital Components in Industrial Power Supplies

Industrial power supplies differ from general purpose power supplies in the fact that they carry much larger electrical loads, distribute higher voltages of electricity and are often regulated and inspected to higher required standards. Recently, the analog world of power supply design has been hybridized with digital technology to exceed the current standards of industrial power performance. If you’re interested in industrial power supplies, it is important to become familiar with some of the latest digital advancements in the field that are making electrical components more sophisticated, flexible and inexpensive.

How are Digital Components Used?
While power supply design is considered a purely analog field of work by many, the proliferation of computer chips and digital technology has made digital components a more and more prevalent part of industrial power supplies. At the input of the power stage, a digital processor, similar to the chips you find in computers, can easily be programmed to function as a much more sophisticated version of the “on and off” decision trees used by analog power controllers. Microcontrollers and digital signal processors (DSPs) make up the inner workings of these digital components. Visit website for more information on digital components.

Benefits of Going Digital
In industrial settings, where both efficiency and safety are of the utmost importance, the benefits of digital controls on industrial power supplies become quickly apparent. As mentioned earlier, decision making becomes much more complex, sophisticated and accurate when digital processors are integrated into power supplies. Additionally, the information being gathered and analyzed to make these decisions can be stored, sorted and exported through digital storage. Whereas an analog controller may use a component such as a comparator to determine if electrical flow is above or below a given threshold, a digital setup bypasses the need for a comparator and looks at the exact value of the variable itself.

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