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Crucial Facts about Granite countertops

The utility, hardness and beauty of Granite countertops, makes them an exceedingly popular material for countertops in the design of homes. In addition to the warmth and color that it adds to the room, granite is a strong natural stone that has immense beauty. While the cost of installation of these countertops on any kitchen may be high, they are still the preferred choice in any remodeled or new homes. The price of these countertops ranges from sixty to a hundred and twenty Dollars per square foot.

The cost of the Granite countertops Rhinelander WI typically does not include the price of installation. However, discount granite may be about thirty dollars a foot, excluding installation fees. The high cost is not because of the stone, but the quarrying, transportation and installation of the countertops. The stone industry can be quite confusing as it is not regulated. Every stage of the process is subject to its own pricing based on the prevailing market forces. However, some dealers provide the full service in order to save the homeowner’s time and money.

Suppliers of granite typically offer a range of groupings for Granite countertops. They also refer to these groupings as tiers. The first tier consists of premium slabs that are quite expensive. The dealer arranges the stones on the basis of several criteria that include color, country of origin, amount of softness in the material, thickness of the slab and current trends among others. Some colors of granite exhibit movement, where the color has a unique pattern. The combination of movement and color also has an impact on the final price of the product.

Granite countertops Rhinelander WI made from the low groupings exhibit the same strength and beauty as the one on the top tiers. In addition to this, the stones that come from the low tiers may at times be stronger than those from the upper tiers. Therefore, homeowners should make certain that they look around before making the final decision. Suppliers or dealers refer to the low groupings or tiers as commercial grade. This grade has a number of pits that the suppliers fill in. Soft granite materials require additional supports and sealants.

Sometimes the granite stone is cut thin, and is, therefore, cheap. It may be as thin as two centimeters instead of three centimeters, which is the recommended size for Granite countertops. In such as case, the professionals usually laminate the countertop with plywood in order that they may be stable. Discount granite dealers typically deal in thin granite slabs that have a plywood lamination. It is essential that homeowners get granite from a reputable dealer that also offers installation services. This will ensure the best results in their kitchen.

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