Creating an Eye Catcher for Custom T Shirt in Kansas City

A big event is coming and you are looking for the best way to memorialize it. Something that will wear well is custom t shirt on some style of wear. Even in colder weather climates, everybody wears t shirts sometime during the year so it is safe to say it will not be stuck back in a drawer and never seen again.

Whether it is a family reunion, graduation, birthday, anniversary, retirement party or promotion party, a t shirt is what will bring the event together with unity. Or perhaps it is not a special day; you simply have a message you want to wear or celebrate. You might be a cancer survivor and want to let everyone know it is a disease that is survivable.

Design and Colors

If you are designing the custom t shirt for a group, the color should be grey, white or black. On the other hand, if it is for a graduation, the colors of the class are the ones that should be used. If it is a silver anniversary, the t shirt should be some form of grey and the lettering black. There are happy colors that are more of an eye catcher than others so think about what is a happy color to you or if it is specifically for an event for one person, what is their favorite color.

It’s What You Say

You want eye catching custom t shirt in Kansas City, so think of what will make the event memorable. For a graduation, you want to say something that will praise the accomplishments of the graduate. Or you can have something comical like, “You won’t have a monopoly in the coffee industry,” referring to all the late nights spent studying.

Always memorialize the event with a date. Usually the anniversary couple will not forget the year of the 25th or 50th anniversary but some of the kids and grandkids might. So no matter the occasion, always put the date to remember and to give credence to an accomplishment on that date.

Size It Up

If you are using the custom t shirt for a group of people where you have no way of determining size, size it up. More than likely there will not be too many petite so do some medium, large and X-large. Contact House of Apparel for more information.

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