Create an Interesting Wall Design With Custom Wall Wraps in Mesa, AZ

by | Mar 20, 2024 | Business

Get the design you want for your wall with custom wall wraps in Mesa, AZ. Custom wall wraps are a way to print high-definition graphics, letters, and photographs and show them on your wall. These wraps are a great way for businesses to showcase their brand, events, new products, and much more. Schools, public buildings, and homeowners also use wraps for display or decor. An experienced printer can show you examples of past work so you can see their process.

Wraps are made of vinyl and adhere to the wall much like a sticker. They contain four layers of material and can be arranged on the wall much like a collage. Most vinyl for wraps comes in sheets 60 inches wide. You can overlap the edges to completely cover a wall or leave spaces as part of your design. Cut out letters and complex designs with a machine at the shop and create a crisp design for any space. Your printer will have different vinyl options for smooth and textured walls. You can put wall wraps outdoors or indoors. Outdoor wraps will usually need an additional layer of lamination.

Wraps are typically durable and may last many years indoors with good application methods. Outdoor wraps are often less durable and should be placed strategically so they are sheltered from the elements where possible. Wraps used for short-term business or announcement campaigns may benefit from heavy-duty lamination. This can make it more practical to place them in a less sheltered space for a few weeks.

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