Create A Photo Area For Your Reception With Backdrop Panels

With the opportunity to take selfies and pictures with the bride and groom, family and friends, and immediately upload to social networking sites, setting up a photo area at your reception is a great idea. With backdrop panels and simple frames, you can create just the look you want for the photos that your guests will be taking and sharing from your special event.

Using backdrop panels and metal frames provides a safe, secure, and sturdy way to dress up any hall or reception room corner or to simply create a backdrop for photos that features the style and the look that captures your wedding theme. By planning in advance, you can be creative with the design and incorporate the props or decorative items you want.

The Elegant and Classic Look

To create a very elegant and classic look consider dark-colored backdrop panels with a white, ivory or champagne sheer voile drape. These can be used in front of the dark backdrop panel to frame either side or to create the look of pillars across the entire panel. They can be loosely tied in the middle with a ribbon or a decorative element to match the wedding tables, colors or theme.

The Rustic and Casual Look

For a rustic, casual, western or Americana style of wedding theme, or even for a sports themed wedding, backdrop panels can form the background and props and decorative features can be added to bring out the design.

Bales of hay, boots, ropes and saddles can be strategically placed in the area to create a perfect western look. For a rustic look consider wooden chairs, hang colorful mason jars with LED tea lights or pull in decorative elements from your table centerpieces. Vintage vases with wildflowers and perhaps even pictures of grandparents and great grandparents make a beautiful background for wedding pictures for everyone.

Finally, you can pin, glue or sew decorations onto any of the backdrop panels to create a colorful background. Fresh flowers can also be attached to the fabric to provide a wonderful look, especially when grouped with props in front of the panels for added color and pop.

Having an area set up for family photos, selfies, and group pictures is a great idea at any wedding. By having it decorated using backdrop panels and decorations in keeping with the style and color of the wedding theme your guests will have great images to post to social media or keep as memories of your special day.

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