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Count On Your Garage Doors MN Dealer for Superior Door Features

Today’s garage doors are easy to install, safe and reasonably priced. If your current door is getting old or has a malfunctioning pulley system or motor, you might want to consider having it replaced. Many garage doors are selected based on the type of opening system they have. Some of the more popular include chain drive, screw-drive and computer controlled. The chain and screw drive models are common and affordable. However they have the disadvantage of being very noisy. Computer-controlled garage doors are quieter but typically cost more.

Garage Door Motors
A garage doors MN dealer can help you find a door based on your power and speed requirements. Faster doors are more expensive but have the benefit of reduced waiting time while in the driveway. When selecting a new door, power of the motor can be an important consideration. A large motor likely will last longer and has the power to open heavier door models. For some homeowners, quietness of the motor can be another decisive factor when shopping.

Opening Devices
Enhanced security features are part of newer generation doors. Many of today’s garage doors use enhanced electronics with random codes. These security codes prevent the opening of another nearby garage. Multiple button remote controls are perfect for homeowners with several garages. A fixed controller device is mounted on either outside or inside close to the door. An outside controller with keypad is also a common choice. The owner inputs a code that allows the door to operate for a specified period of time.

Enhanced Safety

You’ll find many safety features on garage doors. These are designed to prevent doors from crushing people and objects by reversing direction if they come in contact with anything. This safety function is triggered by an electric beam. There are also computer-controlled mechanisms that can detect and compensate for unsafe conditions, for example when the door determines an obstruction or is moving more quickly than normal. Consult with a garage doors MN contractor about pricing, models and installation.

Choosing the Best Material
Whether you are building a new home or remodeling your existing structure, one of the first considerations is the type of garage door most suitable for your property. The biggest factor is finding a door that follows the same style as your house. Therefore, most people will focus on materials to ensure a seamless appearance. Garage doors are typically constructed of steel, aluminum, wood and fiberglass. 

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