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Condos for Sale in NYC on the Upper East Side-Getting the Real Value

If you are searching for condos for sale in NYC on the Upper East Side, you may want to change how you do your shopping. The fact is that price is always important, even when money is not a concern, you never want to overpay for a property and not get the value out of it that you could if you took a closer look at the market.

Some Facts

The time to buy is now! If you have been dragging your feet on whether you want to make the commitment to buy or not, now is the time to move forward with buying. It is a well-known fact that Manhattan real estate is that unique real estate that is always on the upswing, which means that if you wait much longer you may wait yourself out of a better price. For 2016 the sales were high, as a matter of fact according to many sources, 2016 saw the highest growth in NYC real estate sales ever. The market is still on the upswing and 2017 is promising to end on a similar note. The time to act is now.

Shop for Value

When you are shopping around for condos for sale in NYC on the Upper East Side you are going to find that the condos are offered at very similar price points in many of the buildings. When you buy on the UES you are not only buying into the building but you are buying into the UES. The Upper East Side offers very sought after real estate, you can expect to pay about the same price per square foot. This of course leaves you having to find other ways to get more bang for your real estate dollars in the UES. The best way to shop is by the “added value” that some buildings have to offer. What is the added value? It is the amenities:

  • Parking is a great added value-on site parking is convenient and a rarity in NYC
  • Attended lobby is also a nice added value touch
  • Lounge spaces to help expand your living space
  • Butler service once a week

The added value comes your way in lifestyle amenities. You may not be able to find that “great low-priced deal” in the UES! Vitre offers the value that you want in your condo!

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