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Concrete vs. Fiberglass: Choosing an Outdoor or Indoor Pool in Indianapolis

During the summer, there is no better way to cool off and relax than by jumping into a swimming pool. While many people used to gather at community pools in the past, private pools are now becoming more popular. Only a specialized contractor can help you determine if an outdoor lap pool or a climate controlled Indoor Pool Indianapolis is the best option for your house.

Inground pools are generally the best choice for people who want a sturdy pool that will last years and years. They also increase property values. Those who are ready to install an inground pool will need to choose between a custom concrete pool or a pre-fabricated fiberglass one. Both options are sturdy and will last years with regular maintenance. Concrete pools can be molded into any shape, while fiberglass only comes in a limited selection of sizes. Buyers with oddly shaped yards or those who want larger pools should consider buying concrete. Fiberglass pools are pre-made and simply inserted into the ground after it has been excavated. The main allure of fiberglass pools is the short installation period. Concrete pools can take a month or more to install, but fiberglass models are ready for use in less than a week.

In some climates, the swimming season is very short. People who want to extend their time in the water should consider temperature controlled pools. Thermostats and heaters can be installed in any pool. They allow the user to adjust the temperature of the water. For areas that are subject to a lot of rain, an Indoor Pool Indianapolis may be a better option. These pools are completely enclosed in a room, making it easy to swim no matter what the weather is like outside. Hot tubs and spas are another great option for pool owners who enjoy the feeling of warm water. These are generally much smaller, leaving only room for sitting, not swimming.

Before it gets too hot outside, consider having an inground pool installed at your house. Be sure to call around for estimates to make sure you get the best deal from a reputable pool company. A Mudslingers Pool & Patio expert will make sure that you end up with the pool of your dreams that best suits your lifestyle.

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