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Comprehensive Orthopedic Doctors in Pensacola FL

Orthopedic Doctors in Pensacola FL provide comprehensive services to their patients. A state-of-the-art imaging and ultrasound suite allows for accurate diagnosis and precise needle positioning for injections and procedures. Patient-based services include on-site physical therapy, pain management, nerve conduction studies, and spinal decompression. Spinal decompression is done to provide space between compressed discs in the back and neck. The added space relieves pain and makes mobility easier. The procedure is not a surgical one and uses positioning tables and weights.

The physical therapy utilizes ultrasound technology, exercises, heat therapy, and muscle manipulation to relieve pain, reduce swelling of joints and muscles, and increase mobility. Physical therapy can also increase strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination. Many patients need physical therapy. Accident victims, those with degenerative diseases, athletes, and injured workers are helped via therapy. Orthopedic Doctors often refer patients to physical therapists, so to have those services within an orthopedic practice provides the continuum of care and convenience to patients. Orthopedic Doctors in Pensacola FL in area also provide durable medical equipment and have an in-house pharmacy, so patients do not have to travel to different places to get the care, support, and medication they need.

Innovative care, such as new procedures and techniques, give patients minimally invasive options for treatments. Joint restoration and preservation techniques, for example, allow damage to be repaired while saving the joint. The advantages are less pain, faster recovery time, and fewer costs than total joint replacement surgery. Procedures to repair damaged cartilage through cell injections, rather than surgery are also available to patients. Specialties of practice include sports medicine, fractures, hand and upper extremity, neck and back, and orthopedic surgery.

New patients need to arrive for initial appointments early to fill out paper work and answer questions regarding family history and current issues. Bring any reports, films, or DVD of results from any previously completed imagining or tests. Several insurance plans are accepted, although Medicaid is not. Bring insurance information to that first appointment. Self-pay options are available, and the office will work with patients to get them the care they need at affordable rates. If the appointment is due to a personal injury, assistance with the proper paperwork is available.
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