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Complying with the Stretch code Hopkinton MA

Are you a commercial or residential building owner attempting to meet the standards of the Stretch code Hopkinton MA? Perhaps your intentions are good but you don’t know where to start. Well, you are not alone. In fact, the problem is common enough that companies exist whose main activity is evaluating energy efficiency and creating plans for bringing structures into compliance. Call one of these companies and take a load off your mind.

As the term implies, a stretch energy code is one which establishes stricter energy requirements than those set by the state code. A stretch code is adopted by communities on a case by case basis. That is to say that each community has a choice in the matter. Of course, any energy efficiency project is going to cost the owner some money. In the colder climates of places like Massachusetts, however, stretch code retrofits pay for themselves in a remarkably short time. After that, the building owner begins saving money on energy costs, and those savings are permanent.

Ordinances such as the Stretch code Hopkinton MA apply to new construction, of course, but they also apply to significant renovations and additions to existing structures. Only historic buildings are exempt from the ordinances, whose goal is to increase energy efficiency by 20 percent over previous standards. This ambitious undertaking encourages architects and contractors to come up with new and creative ways to design and build projects.

All this being done not just to eventually save money on energy, but to save energy itself. Estimates show that buildings in the US are responsible for consuming up to 40 percent of the nation’s energy. That’s a huge amount of energy, and in this day and age conserving energy is not just a smart thing to do, it’s downright patriotic. Incidentally, this discussion so far has not even mentioned the energy consumed by producing, transporting and storing the fuels we use to heat and cool our buildings, nor has it mentioned the detrimental effects that excessive energy consumption has on our environment. Perhaps more than we realize, the outcome of future events will be shaped by small American communities like Hopkinton and the decisions they make today.

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