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Community Living Skills:Development Disabilities Dartmouth MA

For those who are challenged by developmental disabilities, the skills and mobility required for independent living may be difficult. Day habilitation provides people with special needs training and assistance that empowers them to fulfill their highest potential and independence. With the philosophy that each person is unique and has their own limitations and strengths, Developmental Disabilities Service Dartmouth MA promotes positive emphasis on a person’s capabilities.

Financial Management Education

People with special needs are provided with instruction and assistance for managing their bills, paying rent, utility payments and household expenses. In a highly structured training program, people who are challenged learn how to find an apartment and manage household expenses.

Self-Care and Health

Community living skills are necessary for people to live, work and care for their health. Basic cooking and nutrition skills are taught to help students learn to care for themselves at home. Following the directions of medications and the management of physician appointments are also important lessons that empower people to care for their health. Developmental Disabilities Service Dartmouth MA incorporates occupational therapy strategies to increase a person’s mobility and promote physical independence in the home.

Self Advocacy and Identification of Needs

A strong indication of a person’s independence is the knowledge of how and when to ask for help. People who struggle with activities of daily living and are not aware of community resources may not be successful in independent living. Throughout the training process, students are encouraged and prompted to ask for assistance and identify their needs.

Behavior and Communication

People with disabilities may experience a lack of socialization and need to learn communication skills to engage in their community. Speech therapists and occupational therapy teach students how to speak with more clarity and improve the way they process conversational information. Often people who cannot express themselves or have difficulty getting their needs met become frustrated and resort to anger or rage behavior.

Development Disabilities Dartmouth MA

A population of people who are as independent as possible encourages a strong and prosperous community. People who are challenged by developmental disabilities can be assisted to become as self-sufficient as possible and experience a better self-esteem regardless of their challenges.

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