Commercial Movers in Chicago Offer Tips on Office Relocation

If your company is growing, downsizing or just in need of a change of venue, you may be considering a relocation. Moving an office can be exciting, but it can also be difficult, and there is a lot of room for mistakes. Below are five difficulties commonly encountered during a corporate move, and some ways to avoid them.

Managing the Move

Most people have never handled something as challenging as moving a business. The move itself is expensive, chaotic and confusing even under the best of circumstances. Whether you handle it yourself or hire Commercial Movers Chicago, it pays to have someone knowledgeable in charge. Without effective management, things will be forgotten and mistakes can add up.


Moving your office presents a great opportunity to organize your business, but failing to plan can have disastrous results. If you employ more than ten people, hire a space planner to help with the layout and design of your new office. It may be expensive to hire a pro, but their expertise will be worth the cost.

Telecom and Bandwidth

If your new space doesn’t have enough cabling or bandwidth, your potential for growth can be severely limited. Discuss your goals with the local telecom provider before hiring Commercial Movers Chicago, and ensure you have enough equipment to allow for growth in your new location.

Moving IT Equipment

Relocating computer hardware is one of the riskiest parts of a corporate move. One damaged component can impact your business, and it’s important to hire an IT pro to test and backup your equipment before moving day. About 75% of backups don’t fully restore, and it’s a good idea to test your restoration capabilities ahead of time.

The Day of the Move

Preparation is hard, but the actual move can be almost impossible if you aren’t prepared. There’s always the potential for damage or loss of valuable items, and inefficiency can make the move take longer than expected. Ask your employees to pack up ahead of time, and color-code or label boxes according to where they’ll go when you arrive. Whatever system you decide upon, be sure that your plan is easy enough for everyone to understand.

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