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Cognitive Functioning Therapy in Philadelphia, PA, for Autistic Children

Cognitive functioning therapy in Philadelphia, PA, teaches people to modify their beliefs and behavior and thus prevent negative emotions. Parents of children with autism may find this especially useful if the youngsters deal with other mental health issues, which are relatively common. Children on the autism spectrum are more likely to have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, depression or generalized anxiety.

About the Therapy

During cognitive functioning therapy in Philadelphia, PA, children learn many skills that help them recognize the early signs of negative thoughts and distress connected to their problematic behavior.

Benefits for Children

Now, youngsters are able to manage their emotions and behavior better. They respond more positively and effectively to situations that previously caused substantial upset. Their interactions with their environment and with other people improve, sometimes dramatically.

Parental Participation

Parents participate in some sessions as well. That’s important for building a better understanding of what an autistic child deals with and why it can be so difficult to respond appropriately. Mothers and fathers of children on the spectrum often become immensely frustrated with what they view as hostile, uncooperative behavior.

Important Considerations

This therapy is most effective as an early intervention strategy. However, if parents don’t learn about this method until the child is an adolescent, they can still consult with a practitioner. Sessions can be helpful for individuals of any age who are on the autism spectrum and have been trying to manage an additional mental health issue. Information about one particular organization, Kidology, may be viewed at

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