Clogged Drain? Call in Drain Cleaning Experts in Chicago

It’s so frustrating to have a clogged sink one minute and then a backed-up toilet the next. That’s a sign that there is a clog deep in the plumbing system. There is no way that some household drain cleaner is going to clean that out. In fact the drain cleaner might just make the situation worse. If it is a stubborn clog, the drain cleaner may end up sitting in water right above it for some time. The corrosive chemicals in it can eat through a pipe. Depending where this occurs, it can lead to an expensive plumbing repair. Calling in a drain cleaning expert in Chicago is the best solution.

The plumber will use his camera equipment to inspect the entire drain system. When he finds the clog he can see its characteristics and decide how to handle it. For example he might learn that a tree root has grown into the pipe. In that case, he will have to dig out the pipe and replace it. There’s a good chance that an arborist will have to be brought in to take down the tree as well. The good news is that the disruption to the yard was as small as it could be, because the plumber found the exact location of the clog.

Usually the plumber will have to decide whether to clean the pipe using a wire with a motorized corkscrew on the end or his hydro-jetting equipment. Hydro-jetting tools force water out of a nozzle at extremely high pressure, it will unclog almost any drain within a few minutes. This is truly important for businesses such as restaurants. If they can’t use their water, then they can’t keep the kitchen sanitary. There’s a good chance that they’ll have to shut down. The health inspector may need to approve any reopening. So most restaurants try to avoid this strategy.

At the first hint of trouble they call in their drain cleaning in Chicago experts. Most restaurants have these contractors on call with an agreement to arrive within the hour. Many are even more proactive. They have the plumber come and use their hydro-jetting equipment to clean out the line on a regular basis. That minimizes any chance of a blockage.

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