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Cleaning Your Air Conditioning Systems Manassas VA Units

When spring is just around the corner, it’s time to start looking at your air conditioning systems Manassas VA unit to make sure it’s ready to handle the warmer months that are ahead. Cleaning your air conditioning unit is not only important for clean air in your home, but it also makes it work more efficiently to help you cut down on your utility bills. Here are some things to keep in mind when spring cleaning your Manassas VA air conditioning unit.


The filters in your air conditioning systems Manassas VA units probably weren’t changed at the end of the summer season. If you’re like most people, you simply shut down the A/C unit for the last time without realizing it was the last time you’d be using it. Before you use it again, however, you should be sure to change the filters. The filters become dirty and clogged both when the unit is in use and when it is not in use. By changing the filters, you increase the unit’s efficiency and you cut down on your utility bills as a result.


The coils in your air conditioning unit are also important. Did you know a dirty coil can increase your utility bill by as much as 30 percent? Since the average homeowner in America pays approximately $2,500 each year on their utility bills, 30 percent can be a huge increase. Make sure your coils are cleaned properly by an air conditioning systems Manassas VA professional so you can have an efficient unit that cools your home without breaking your budget.

Ducts and Vents

The ducts and vents of your air conditioning system are also important to clean when the springtime rolls around. Over the winter months, the ducts and vents have probably collected dust and debris. If there was any moisture around these areas, there is also a good chance that some mold has accumulated in those areas. Have a professional Manassas VA air conditioning technician go through the ductwork and the vents that carry the air from your unit to the inside of your home. This is especially important in case mold is present because it can cause breathing problems and other issues if not removed before you start using your air conditioner again for the summer.

Once you’re done having your air conditioning systems cleaned, look for ways to keep it clean so you can lengthen the life of the unit and make it more efficient for years to come.

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