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Choosing The Right Obesity Surgery

People tend to talk about weight loss surgery as if it is a single thing, but there are actually different procedures that the doctor can do. Part of the decision is made by the surgeon, since he may tell a particular patient that he only feels that one choice or the other is suitable for that particular person. Often, though, the final decision is left up to the patient. This means that you may have to make your own decision about what type of Obesity Surgery you want to have.

The older form, known as gastric bypass, actually takes part of your digestive system out of the picture. That is how it gets its name. They detach part of your intestines and stomach so that food flows directly from the small pouch of stomach that is left into an area farther down your intestines than it normally would. The reduced stomach volume after this Obesity Surgery reduces the amount that you can eat at once, while the reduction in the portion of your intestines that you are using actually interferes with your ability to fully digest food. This means that you end up absorbing fewer calories from the food that you do eat. This is the most effective, but also more risky approach.

When you decide to go with the other version of Obesity Surgery Fairfield County, you’ll be getting something called banding or Lap-Band. This is basically where a device is installed around part of your stomach. It can be done with a minimally invasive procedure, which makes recovery much easier. After you’ve had some time to recover, they can inflate the band to restrict the upper portion of the stomach into a small pouch. This allows you to feel full faster. Afterward, they can continue to adjust the band to be more or less restrictive, to fine tune the rate of your weight loss. They can even largely reverse the effect of the surgery in this way if necessary.

Both versions of Obesity Surgery Hartford are more effective than any of the diet or exercise plans out on the market that don’t involve going to a surgeon. The choice that you will have to make is over how much risk you are willing to take in order to get the best possible results.

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