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Choosing the best eye doctors in Canonsburg PA

Vision is irreplaceable and as a result proper eye care is important regardless of the age of the individual, as a result having the best eye doctors in Canonsburg PA is really important. Although it may take time to find the best, it is well worth the effort to find doctors which are a good match for you. When choosing your eye doctors there are several things to take into consideration; their reputation, credentials, the services that are offered and the prices being charged.


There are two types of eye doctors in Canonsburg PA, an optometrist and an ophthalmologist. An optometrist carries the professional status OD, not MD. OD means doctor of optometry whereas MD is doctor of medicine. Optometrists are educated and trained to diagnose and treat eye disease and various conditions affecting the eye. An ophthalmologist is different from the optometrist as he or she is a fully licensed medical doctor who can provide surgical procedures.

When you choose your eye doctor, choose the one that is a specialist in the specific eye problem that you have, it is not uncommon for a patient to use the services of both. You would choose one who specializes in the treatment of cataracts if that was your problem whereas if you needed corrective lenses only, you would be advised to select an OD. Take the doctor that provides care which is tailored to your requirements.

If your situation is going to require eye surgery to correct the problem, it is essential that you review the rate of success the doctor has for the problem under consideration. Review the procedure and then arrange to talk with the doctor, find out firsthand how many patients he has treated who required this surgery, also find out the requirements for pre and post op. When one selects a doctor, any doctor, the best tool you have is information.

Pricing is always an important issue. As you will be talking to several doctors find out what the procedure will cost. In many cases doctors with equal qualifications have different price structures. If, as a patient, you have insurance you should be covered, if money is an issue, many doctors have payment plans that they are able to offer.

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