Choosing Roofing for Seattle Homes

There are many choices available for a new roof. The material to put on the roof is just one of the things you’ll need to decide when the time comes. The color of the roofing is another issue that needs more than passing consideration. Finally, you’ll likely have a choice of warranty length. All of these things need to be factored into your calculations as you consider the options. Here is a bit of information about each one to help you decide.

First, you’ll likely want to consider the roofing material. Roofing in Seattle homes is usually done by installing asphalt shingles. This is the most popular option, but it isn’t the only one. You can also get metal roofing, ceramic tiles, and other unique materials installed instead. Metal roofing isn’t all corrugated. It can be formed to look like shingles, tiles, or even plain sheets. In Seattle, it is sometimes used to cover unusually shaped roofs.

The color of Roofing Seattle materials is also important for more than aesthetic reasons. Different roof colors can either help bring in heat or repel it. For this reason, roofs in hot places like Texas and Florida are often light-colored. Light roofs will repel the sun’s heat. In Seattle, however, it is cold for many months out of the year. Therefore, you may want a dark roof to help keep your home warmer from late fall through early spring. Even though the dark roof will draw more heat in the summer, you will likely save more money in the long run thanks to the fact that your furnace won’t have to work so hard in the winter and at other cold times.

The last major thing to keep in mind when choosing material for a Roofing Seattle project is warranty length. Unlike most products, roofing comes with a wide variety of warranties. The price of the material will rise as the length of the warranty increases. Contact Statewide Roofing Seattle for additional information.

While it is possible to get asphalt shingles that are warranted for 50 years or more, these will be rather pricey. On the other hand, shingles with a 10 year warranty are cheap, but 10 years isn’t very long for a roof to last. The best bet is to choose material that is somewhere in between the two extremes. This will give you decent durability without being overly expensive.


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