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Choosing Cremation in Reading, PA

Dealing with the death of a family member is very difficult. It can be even more difficult if your loved one did not make their funeral preferences known before passing. Burials are more traditional, but more and more people are opting for cremation after death.

Practical Reasons for Cremation

One of the most popular reasons for cremation is a practical one. It can cost significantly less to cremate than to bury. Although costs vary from community to community, burials typically cost several thousand dollars more than cremation. For this reason, many cost conscious people choose cremation.

It is also easier and cheaper to transport ashes rather than an embalmed body. Today, many people are moving away from relatives and family after retirement. If the family burial plot is on the east coast, and a couple has chosen to retire in Arizona, this can make things difficult after death. It can cost thousands of dollars to transport a body across the country to the family burial plot, not to mention the stress that must be endured while making such a trip.

Caring For of the Ashes

Although some families choose to bury their loved ones ashes, many choose to sprinkle the ashes in a place that was important to their departed relative. Before doing this, it is best to check with the laws in your area. You may want to sprinkle your loved one’s ashes in a stream where he liked to fish or along her favorite hiking path. Of course, there are the stories of loved ones scattering ashes in places like Disney World. This probably is not the best idea.

Cremation is Friendlier to the Environment

There are no chemicals needed to process the body, nor is space taken up in order to bury the body. More and more people are choosing cremation because it is an environmentally friendly option.

There’s No Rush

With a traditional funeral, there is a time limit. Some people like doing everything at once, grieving, and moving on. Other people may need to take some time to process and grieve. For people that are in the latter group, cremation can be very helpful. It is possible to cremate the remains of your beloved family member and then wait to bury or distribute the ashes until a later time. Some people wait for years to spread a loved one’s ashes. Although this is an extreme situation, it can be done. Some families even divide the ashes and give each member of the family a keepsake urn.

Think Outside the Box

One of the most expensive parts of cremation is purchasing a cremation urn. You can purchase an urn at the funeral home or you can pick out a special container from a card store or other special occasion store. Many places will even engrave the box. If you mother always loved birds, for example, you can probably find a bird shaped container to store her ashes.

Consider your options and decide which is best for your family given your unique circumstances and situation. Cremation just might be the best option.

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