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Choosing a Tree Service in St. Paul MN

Need limbs removed, old trees taken down or an old tree pruned? Trying to do these jobs yourself is dangerous to both you and the tree. You need to hire professional Tree Service St. Paul MN for these jobs. How can you choose from among the so many companies in the greater Shreveport area? Follow these tips and you can’t go wrong.

Ask for References

Has there been work done on trees in your town? Ask your neighbors who did the job and if they would recommend the company. Do you have any businesses with lots of trees on their properties? Do you like the look of these trees? Contact the business and ask them who works on their trees. Also ask your trusted friends and family members who they call when they need a Tree Service in St. Paul MN.

Check their Credentials

Be wary of fliers or classified ads for anyone offering to work on trees. Not everyone who says they will work on trees is a professional tree surgeon. It takes a lot more than just a chainsaw and a truck to make one a tree surgeon. A tree surgeon needs liability insured so you don’t stuck with possible legal headaches down the line. Check with the State of Louisiana’s Department of Agriculture and Forestry to see if your potential tree service company is licensed. You can also ask the company itself for a license number or a copy of its license.

Get Estimates in Writing

Get estimates in writing before hiring anyone. Good tree services will not give you an estimate over the phone or a verbal estimate. They need to come out and see the unique nature of your property and how to best tackle the jobs at hand. A written estimate should list all of the services they provide, including removing cut off wood, stump grinding and raking up the mess they’ve created.

Never Pay Up Front

Never pay for a job to be done entirely before any work begins. If you do so, you may never see the tree service or your money ever again. You may pay money up front if new trees need to be planted.

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