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Choosing a Heating System in Riverside CA

Heating systems in Riverside CA come in many types. Some pipe hot water through the floor of the home or office while others blow hot air through duct work in the floor or ceiling. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages and these need to be considered when determining if they are right for your new Heating Riverside CA system in your home or office..

Forced air systems may be used for both heating and cooling. Air in this type of system may be humidified, dehumidified or filtered and this type of system is inexpensive. Ductwork is required for a forced air system and the moving air may spread allergens throughout the home. Owners may be able to hear the furnace fan though and regular maintenance is required with a system of this type. Consider all when determining if forced air is right for you.

Radiant heat systems provide comfortable, even heat. Boilers used in these systems may be fueled by electricity, natural gas, oil or propane and many are energy-efficient. Heating stoves and in-floor systems may also be selected. This type of system does tend to heat up slowly and it is expensive to install a radiant heat system. Air conditioning can be added to this system, but requires a separate cooling system and separate ductwork distribution. If something goes wrong, it may be difficult to access the pipes.

Hot water baseboard or hydronic systems are very energy-efficient and allow for close temperature control. Systems of this type are very quiet during operation. The units must remain unobstructed though which makes placing drapes and furniture more difficult. Temperatures won’t rise rapidly in an area with a hydronic system and, as with a radiant heat system, a separate cooling system and ductwork are required.

Steam radiant systems are very efficient and warm a space quickly. Common hot water system radiators of the past have been replaced with smaller units or wall panel radiators and this type of heat is very comfortable. Furniture and drape placement may be limited due to radiation locations though and the radiators can be unattractive. In addition, ductwork and a separate cooling system are required.

Boilers and geothermal systems are also available. Discuss all options with your heating company. No matter which type you choose, you may find you save money as new systems tend to be more efficient than those of the past.

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