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Caring for Tile and Linoleum Flooring in Harrisburg, PA

To clean Ceramic Tile Flooring Harrisburg PA, you should only need to do regular sweeping with a broom and dust pan. When the floor needs mopping, just use a wet mop and soap-less detergent. Using soap will leave a film behind on top of the tile surface, which will give the floor a duller appearance. Don’t use a harsh abrasive like steel wool.

Even cleaning with vinegar and water, which many people who want to avoid contact with chemicals, like to do, isn’t recommended for ceramic tile. Vinegar and water can be used to clean wooden floors and laminate wooden floors, but vinegar shouldn’t be used on tile because the acid in the vinegar can damage the grout between the tiles. Bleach isn’t good for grout, either, because it can change the color of the grout. If you get a tough stain in the grout, use the gentlest cleaning solution you have and work it in with a scrub brush before moving on to harsher cleaners. Scrub in circles instead of back and forth in a straight line. Be sure to rinse all traces of the cleaner when you’re done. To further protect and care for a ceramic tile floor, use throw rugs across areas that see a lot of traffic, especially at entryways.

Linoleum Harrisburg PA flooring is a type of resilient flooring. Whereas linoleum only used to be available in huge sheets, it is now also available in convenient tiles. This makes it much easier and less expensive to replace a damaged section of the floor without having to move the refrigerator and kitchen furniture and take up the entire floor.

To care for linoleum flooring, don’t clean it for the first 24 hours after it’s installed. As with ceramic tile, using rugs at entryways can prevent uneven wear. However, don’t use rugs with a rubber backing, because the color can rub off onto the linoleum. Also, consider putting protectors under table legs and chair legs. You can vacuum vinyl, but only use a vacuum with the beater bar setting turned off so it doesn’t scratch the floor. You can mop with water alone or with cleaner that says it’s safe for vinyl floors. For stubborn spills, only use a scrubber pad that is soft and not abrasive.

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