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Broken Water Mains: Advice and Preventive Measures

The water pipes that run below the streets outside your property and bring water into your home may be a few decades old. It may be wearing down without you or the municipality being aware of it. You may wake up one day to find your lawn flooded as a result of a broken water mains. Or, worse, you may not realize that the high water bills that you have been receiving are as a result of a leak in the mains. That is not a situation that anyone wants to find themselves in. But if you act in a timely manner, you can prevent it from happening in your home.

In order to be able to shut off water supplies in case of a broken pipe, you need to know where the valves are.  If you carry out regular water main exercises (at least once a year) you should have no problem in turning the valves at the time of emergencies. Here are the steps to carry out.

Water main valve exercise

First, lay your hands on a blueprint of your water and drainage system and note all the valves on it. Mark them out and then locate them.

Next, station volunteers at each of these valves. Have them open and close the valves by turns. At any time, a third of the valves should be open. It might be difficult trying to get rigid valves open the first few times, but it should get smoother with each time.

Make sure to do this at least 6 to 7 times. Not only will this loosen valves that are too tight, it will also reveal loose valves that need to be replaced.

In case of an emergency

If you find that a break in the water mains is causing water to leak into your property, you need to immediately locate the source of the leak first. This may not be an easy thing to do, since most of your pipe system will be buried underground. You may need to hire professional help to find it for you.

In case you do find the leak, you will need to shut off the corresponding valve. Then you can cut out the part of the pipe that is affected, get a replacement and joiners in a plumbing store and replace the pipe yourself. Or you can hire a plumber to do it for you. If you have a broken water mains, Springfield VA plumbers will help you identify and fix the problem, if you can’t do it yourself.

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Broken Water Mains
Broken Water Mains
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