Best Time to Visit the Dentist with Children

If you have young children, you no doubt worry about their every need. You take them for their physicals, feed them nutritious foods, and even help the brush their teeth with age appropriate toothpaste and toothbrush. Oral health is important and the majority of parents work hard to keep their children’s’ mouths healthy but at what age do you take them to the dentist? Taking your children to the dentist in Shelton, CT can be a nerve racking experience.

Most pediatricians will tell parents to take their children to the dentist when they see the first sign of a tooth. This initial visit will help the dentist determine the health of their gums, ensure their bone density is strong, and that their teeth should be coming in correctly. If there is a problem, the dentist may not fix it immediately but will have an idea to watch that particular area. This is especially helpful if the child is missing teeth or has a family history of soft teeth and other problems. The family dentist in Shelton, CT can keep these items on the watch list and will be able to detect problems quickly. They can recommend products and remedies for the teeth to be at their ideal throughout the child’s life.

The dentist in Shelton, CT will be the child’s first experience with the dreaded dentist and if they have a positive experience throughout their life, they won’t be fearful as adults. Many adults who are afraid of the dentist did not have a positive experience as a child and this is the cause for their dread. There is a negative cyclical effect as they don’t visit the dentist unless there is a problem. When there is a problem, they are usually experiencing problems and pain which makes them not want the dentist to mess around in their mouths and exacerbate the pain. This causes them to associate pain with the dentist when in reality if they had gone to the dentist for preventative visits; they wouldn’t be having this large of a problem. A child who understands the dentist is there to help will be more likely to take better care of their oral health and practice the habits recommended by the dentist. Your child should see the dentist as a helpful friend who wants the best for their teeth. Click Here for all dental care needs for you and your family.

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