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If you live in the Oklahoma City area and need a dentist, you can’t just go to any dentist and expect a good experience. An excellent dentist will offer more than cleanings and fillings. Everyone wants a beautiful smile that looks real even if the teeth aren’t real. One excellent Oklahoma City dentist, Masterpiece Smiles, focuses on those beautiful smiles and customer comfort. They offer Crowns Oklahoma City area, as well as other services.

Dental Crowns Oklahoma City :

Crowns are used to cover teeth. They look like actual teeth. People get crowns to cover teeth that are broken, worn down, misshapen, or have a large filling. Teeth like that certainly don’t create a beautiful smile, so a dentist will place a crown over the tooth to hide the imperfections. Crowns are made from different materials, but porcelain or ceramic crowns look the most like real teeth. The dentist can even color match the crown to the color of your other teeth so that your smile looks like it had never been changed.

Dental Implants :

Put simply, a dental implant is a replacement root for your new teeth. Your natural teeth have roots that attach the tooth to your jawbone. A dental implant is placed in the jawbone and the bone fuses with the implant for permanent placement. After that, the dentist can use the implant for fitting dentures, crowns, or bridges. The new teeth fit more comfortably in your mouth when dental implants are used, and they stay put better. Not everyone can have dental implants, though. The dentists will examine your gums and jaw bone before deciding to use implants.

Sleep Dentistry :

Going to the dentist is scary for some people, especially children. Many people refuse to go to the dentist because of their fear, and end up suffering through pain instead of getting their teeth fixed. An excellent dentist, such as Masterpiece Smiles, will offer sleep dentistry. Many dentists will use an IV to administer medication to help you relax. You will be placed in conscious sedation. This means that you will be relaxed, but not fully asleep. You will have the ability to react if the dentist or dental assistant speaks to you or touches you. Click us here for more information!

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