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Benefits To A Water Jet

As far as industrial cutting is concerned, there are a few different methods that can be used to get the job done. The choice that business owners must make is what method to invest in. Whatever method you choose, there will be careful research and purchasing to do. One of your options with industrial gutting is to invest in a Water Jet. This machine uses abrasive mesh and water to cut many different kinds of materials. Each method certainly has its own set of advantages to consider. Here are some of the benefits to using water to perform your cutting needs.

Most methods of industrial cutting boast about their accuracy. It’s true that using plasma or laser cutters can be accurate, but so can water jet cutting. In fact, some of these water machines can boast of accuracy up to 0.005”. If you’re worried about being precise, then going with water cutting is not a bad way to go.

Another benefit to using water and abrasive mesh to handle your cutting has to do with heat. With other methods of cutting there is something known as the heat affected zone. The heat-affected zone is that which becomes hot from the cutting and stays hot after the cutting is through. If your material is not handled properly while cutting or immediately after cutting, you can actually warp the material or mar it in some other way. In addition, the heat can easily burn you. These zones can stay extremely hot for 20 minutes or longer sometimes. When you’re using water and abrasive mesh, you don’t have to worry about this and the material is safe to handle after cutting.

You can also cut just about any material with the exception of tempered glass. You can also cut through some materials that might be considered too thick to cut through with other methods.

Another benefit is that while other methods of cutting might leave some edges that will need to be sanded or ground down after the cutting is done, this doesn’t usually happen with water and abrasive mesh unless you decide to use tabs. This takes one whole step out of the fabrication process.

When you are choosing your method of cutting it is important to consider the benefits of the machine that you will be working with. With a water jet you can expect accuracy, no need to worry about a heat affected zone, the ability to cut many different materials and thicknesses, and almost no need for sanding or grinding after the cutting is complete.

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