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Benefits of Yearly HVAC Maintenance by a Company Offering HVAC Services

Most homeowners know it is important it is to make sure their HVAC systems are properly maintained at least on a yearly basis. Often the best time to have a technician from an HVAC Services company come to inspect their unit can be right as summer ends and before the cold temperatures of winter set in.

Summers can often be very hard on an HVAC system. Not only do they run a lot, but also there is often more dirt and other types of debris present, which will clog the system. Making sure this matter is cleaned from the various components on the system can be a good way to help prevent repair issues from occurring.

Most technicians from an HVAC Services Company will need to spend some time inspecting and cleaning out the unit generally kept outside. This unit is generally only used for air conditioning as it contains the condenser and compressor. The coils and fins on the unit should be cleaned to remove any dirt present. The unit should also be disconnected from the power and plastic should be used to cover the unit so it can avoid some of the dirt, which is generally present during the winter months.

The blower inside the home should also be inspected. This unit generally can get very dirty during its use in the summer. Vacuuming out the accumulated dirt and changing the filter on the system will help to ensure it runs cleanly and efficiently during the winter months.

The motor for the blower will need to be inspected to ensure the wires are not damaged or have signs indicating rodents have been chewing on them. If there is any question about the safety of the wires, they should be replaced.

The fan and fan belt attached to the motor are needed to blow wither heated or cooled air into the home through the ventilation system. Because these elements are used a lot, they should be inspected and replaced if there is any sign of damage. This will help in ensuring the system runs well throughout the winter season.

By taking the time to have this type of work done after the summer ends and prior to the start of winter, a homeowner can feel confident their unit is in good working order for the upcoming season. For more information, please contact Arctic Heating and Air Conditioning.



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