Benefits of Retaining a Workers Compensation Attorney Lancaster PA Firm

One of the questions that many injured workers ask themselves is, why hire a Workers Compensation Attorney Lancaster PA representative? The reasons are many, but the major benefits of retaining a workers comp attorney are listed below. This legal representative will prove pivotal when filing for a work injury claim.

Level the Field

A workers’ insurance company will hire an attorney to defend their interests against your comp claim and you. The company’s comp lawyers work closely with adjusters to build a case against you and the claim before the courts. Your own lawyer will help to even out the odds of you winning by ensuring that you are fairly treated and help you get the comp benefits that are rightfully yours when you are injured while on duty.

Help You Select the Right Doctor

The local workers’ comp lawyer can also assist you to select the right doctor, represent you before the Workers Compensation Appeals Board and negotiate with the insurance provider. Most cases are settled way before trial and your attorney is the best option you have to ensure you get the settlement you deserve. Self-representation is not advisable unless you have experiences in law.


A workers’ compensation attorney will in most cases, charge 15% of the final settlement. Your attorney pays him or herself by the worth they bring to your work comp case. In the event your claim is denied your attorney will definitely help you come up with a strong appeal.

Familiar Grounds

The work injury work comp lawyer is familiar with the area Workers Compensation Appeals Board as well as its judges. He or she will save you from having to deal with a mountain of paperwork, one of the biggest nightmares that is part of the legal system.
Other benefits that you can reap from retaining a Workers Compensation Attorney Lancaster PA firm include:

  • You do not have to deal directly with the insurance company
  • In the event of work injury, you already have suffered enough
  • The firm can help you attain other benefits if unable to work due to an injury these include state disability payments .

If you have suffered an injury at work, workers compensation attorney will prove pivotal when filing for a work injury claim. Click here to visit The Law Offices of Going and Plank official site.


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