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Bed Bug Symptoms Require a Call to Pest Control in Orange County

Bed bugs are a serious problem that has become more widespread in recent years. While these bugs were no longer found in the United States for a long period of time, they have now made a comeback. Therefore, homeowners need to be more vigilant about looking out for these pests and do what they can to avoid bringing them into the home. Knowing what to look for in a bed bug infestation can help you decide when to call for pest control in Orange County.

Irritating Bites

Most everyone has been bitten by an irritating insect at least once in their lifetime. However, it is important to pay attention to which types of bites you suffer from, especially if they only seem to occur at night while you sleep. Bed bug bites are often small red bumps that may or may not itch. If you notice you are waking up to new bites every morning, you need to think about the possibility of bed bugs in your home.

Brown Spots

As the bed bugs dine at night, they will leave tiny brown spots on your sheets. These spots are the dried blood the bed bugs have digested. If you are experiencing small bumps when you wake up in the morning, start inspecting for these tiny brown spots. You may find them on your sheets, the mattress pad or even the mattress itself. The combination of these two findings is enough to call pest control in Orange County for help.

Dead Bugs

It can often be difficult to find the live bed bugs, though you may be able to locate them in the seams of the mattress, along the baseboards or in any cracks in your floor. What you are likely to find if you have a bed bug problem are dead bugs. Keep an eye out for these tiny bugs littering the floor. If you see any of these carcasses, you need to call someone to get rid of the live bed bugs right away.

Bed bugs may only seem like an irritating problem, but it is one that can easily be taken care of by the right company for pest control in Orange County. To determine when you should call for help, pay attention to any small red bumps you may have in the morning, brown spots on your bedding and dead bugs near your bed, especially near the baseboards or the seams of your mattress. These are all signs you are dealing with bed bugs and need help.

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