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Bathroom Tiles in Manhattan Add Home Value

The use of tiles is by far the most popular for bathroom flooring. The reason is that tile is extremely easy to clean. Tile is also very hygienic, meaning that it is very resistant to bacteria and other microbes, which is another huge reason for its popularity in bathrooms. The best part is that bathroom tiles are very easy to install. Any average person can lay tile in his or her bathroom with relative ease.

Purchasing Bathroom Tiles

So where can bathroom tiles be purchased? Any home improvement store sells bathroom tiles. For more unique designs though, many people turn to bathroom tiles in Manhattan because they are truly unique. The designs can really give a bathroom a completely new look that cannot be replicated from shopping at any home improvement store.

Now it should be noted that not all tile should be used for the bathroom. For the most part,  textured tile or bright glazed tile should be avoided. Textured tile has a tendency to collect dirt and other debris in the shower. Bright glazed tile will just show all of the dirt, making it much harder to keep looking clean. Other than that pretty much all types of tile can be used. One of the most popular types of tile is porcelain tile, which is harder and will not absorb any moisture so it will last longer than other types of tile.

Cost of Bathroom Tiles

Now the price of bathroom tiles Manhattan area are very affordable. This is yet another reason that tile is such a popular choice for bathrooms. Remodeling a bathroom with tile can really save a lot of money and still leave the bathroom looking great. Often times, bathroom tile can be purchased for less than $1 per square foot, especially if purchased at a sale price.

The best way to save money with larger do-it-yourself projects for the bathroom is to look for manufacturers to purchase from directly. There are just a handful of manufacturers out there that will sell direct to customers. Those that do offer some phenomenal savings, especially when purchasing in larger quantities. A few of the manufacturers even offer shipping which is great because the savings is still worth it even with the added shipping cost.

The great thing about tile, especially in the bathroom, is that it can be used literally everywhere. Tile can be used from floor to ceiling. In the bathroom, having tile on the walls is very popular both for aesthetic and for practical purposes. Overall, the use of tile is bathroom is extremely popular because it is very easy to clean, a low cost per square foot, easy to install, and can be very decorative. There really is very little downside to tile, especially in the bathroom.

Italian Tile NYC offers factory direct prices for modern wall and floor tiles for bathrooms. Customers can enjoy the savings either by shopping for bathroom tiles in Manhattan locally in the store.


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