Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds – How Do They Work and What Happens After Trial?

Are you currently awaiting trial following an arrest? If so, you will need to consider bail bonds because this form of ‘insurance’ can be used as a release from jail in the time leading up to trial. Once you have contacted an agent for bail bonds, you will be required to attend a preliminary hearing and at this time, you will need to plead either ‘guilty’ or ‘not guilty’. After you have done this the judge will decide what the exact bail amount will be. It is important that you listen to what the judge says, because you will be unable to get bail bonds unless you know what amount has been set by the judge.

After Bail Has Been Settled

You should be jumping with joy once the judge has settled a bail amount because this is when you can get the ball rolling for bail bonds. If you have suitable bail bonds, you can now get out of jail but before this, it is essential that the bond is paid to the jail or court clerk. A suitable bail bonds in Tarrant County can help you do this and it is worth going down this road if you want someone else to post the bail bond on your behalf. When this has been done you can get release from jail and wait for the trial to commence.

Preparing for Trial

When you have been released from jail after paying the bail bonds, you will need to focus on the court dates. If you do not turn up to court, you will not get the money back for the bail bonds. During this time you will be in custody and because the bail bonds are used as a form of security to ensure you turn up to court, it is understandable that the money will be used as insurance if you decide not to arrive to the trial. Be careful during this time because not only will you lose your money if you fail to turn up but also a warrant will be issued for your arrest.

Results after Trial

If you actually do turn up to the trial, you can expect the bail bonds to be returned to you. When hiring a bail bondsman you can expect a portion of the bond money to be taken by them. Depending on the circumstances, you will either be proved guilty or not guilty. For the best outcome it is worth hiring a bail bondsman because they will not deduct big processing fees like some states might. Before you hire a bail bonds agent, check what services Vaughn’s Bail Bonds offers.

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